Our History

  Our History  
For many years, a number of SDB believers immigrating to the United States in and around the NYC area yearned for a Seventh Day Baptist Church to call home.  In 1973, news reached the Plainfield SDB Church in New Jersey that individuals in the NYC area were interested in starting a church. Plainfield dispatched its pastor, Herbert Saunders, along with Bro. John Bevis to meet with the brethren and plan a course of action.
In 1974, the first meeting was held in a chapel of the Riverside Church on Manahttan's west side.  Each Sabbath morning, these New Yorkers held Bible studies led by various members of the group. Our next meeting place was at the Diplomat Hotel and Pastor Socrates Thompson was made the pastor of the group.  By the third week at this location, we sought a more suitable place to worship and was led to the Sloane House YMCA in midtown Manhattan. 
In 1975, the group was organized as a Seventh Day Baptist Fellowship under the sponsorship of the Planfield SDB Church, became a member of the Eastern Association of SDB churches and was recognized by the SDB General Conference as a fellowship.
In 1976, we became incorporated as an independent church and was warmly received as a full member of the SDB General Conference.
In 1989, God led us to purchase 1904 Fulton Street in Brooklyn, New York, our current location.  In 2005, the bulding underwent extensive modifications to expand seating and office space.  We're growing!